After a decade of active involvement in beauty pageants in the western region of Jamaica, the organizers, patrons and well-wishers have now seen it fit to label him PAGEANT AMBASSADOR. Mr. Ramchandani has been involved in beauty pageants for over fifteen years and has been a major sponsor in several beauty pageants before he became a franchise holder. It was in the year 1993 that Mr. Ramchandani was first invited to participate in Ms. Jamaica Cornwall as a sponsor. Mr. Ramchandani responded well to the invitation and became a major sponsor.

After a year of mingling with the beauties, it seem that Mr. Ramchandani’s penchant for beauty grew rapidly and it was quite clear that nothing short of a hands on involvement would satisfy him. His first year of participation was so inspiring, helpful and fulfilling that greater responsibilities was being drafted to vest into him. For instance, the first pageant which he staged in Montego Bay, which was Ms. City of Montego Bay in 1996 was a very successful event and because of the success hype pomp and ceremony which accorded the event that year was so highlighted that even the organizers of Ms. Caribbean Queen International provided a contract for him in 1997 also, he was awarded the franchise for Ms World Cornwall which he did until the year 2000. Mr. Ramchandani’s knowledge and remarkable taste of pageant materials soon qualified him for the position of chief judge on any beauty queen panel.

His service was soon sought everywhere including Ms. Jamaica Middlesex, Miss Sandals Beaches Negril, Ms. Wyndhan, Ms. Community College and the National Festival Queen (1998 – 1999) However, by the following year, Mr. Ramchandani once more resigned from all major franchises and was probably expected, knocks could be heard pounding on his door(so to speak) once more as organizers got together to have the great man restored on the throne.

In 2001 -2002 he took over the staging of Ms Jamaica World Cornwall which was a success story and later resigned from all pageants.

The year 2003 found Mr. Ramchandani taking over the Ms. Jamaica Universe Cornwall which was another successful event with this in mind he decided to launch his own beauty pageant.

Miss Commonwealth Beauty Pageant is the brainchild of Mr. Lachu Ramchandani, which he is very proud to say, had 17 girls from all over the world to participate in the event, and the show was a very successful one and because of the overwhelming response he have been getting request from a lot of non commonwealth countries to enter the pageant, as he was restricted to only 54 countries of the commonwealth , he had decided to target the whole world without restricting any country.

Miss Commonwealth Beauty Pageant has now change title to Miss Global International. Miss Global International Beauty Pageant will be one of the biggest pageant the Caribbean has ever hosted as he has been getting calls from girls all over the world to participate in the pageant. After staging the pageant in Jamaica for the past ten years Mr. Ramchandani has decided to move to another country. He is proud to say the 11th edition of Miss Global International was staged in the beautiful twin Republic of Trinidad &Tobago on September 25th  2015 and he is now looking forward to hosting 2016 in Dominican Republic on October 29th 2016. He has now taken the pageant back to Jamaica to be held from September 6 – 10th at Hotel RIU, Montego Bay